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The Leeward Islands Medical Journal. Vol.11. By Dr. H. A. A. Nicholls.

zyprexa 5 mg cena

twenty-one days before each meeting — namely, March 30th,

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uterus bleeding was easily checked by pressure with two lingers of the

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disposing causes of the disease; (5) scrofulous p?ithisis ; (6>

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point to a diminishing tendency to epidemicity. Authorities

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March 18th, Mr. Sibley passed away on the evening of March

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Congress are Dr. Sigmund Gerloczy, Dr. Otto Pertik, Dr.

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The points to which particular attention was directed were :

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Poor-law Unions in Ireland ; also Bill to Amend the

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2. Epidemics of the latter class, including water epidemics,

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Deputy-Inspector General Rorert Marshall Allen, F.R.C.S., late of

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present students of the hospital, and some members of the

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notice must be given to the owner or occupier of the land to betaken

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departure from the old lines has necessitated— the experi-

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pean continent was shaken by it, and even the physicians of

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temporaries — Brown and Hunter — worked near each other

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second also small, with face much deformed ; the third more deformed

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revelled, as was not unna.tural for a daughter of the South The changes

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every morning taken with ordinary food, from November 12th

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too much attention was directed to Hamburg, none wliatever

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41 years old, multipara, during labour, ruptured the vagina,

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Sir George M. Humphry, F.R.S., President, in the Chair.

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will take place at the AVhitehall Rooms, Hotel Metropole, on

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The powerful attraction which Scotland exercises, owing to

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thick it is unsafe to attempt to draw the bowel and peri-

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flush. Perspiration was absent ; the hair was very thin and

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Ovarian Cyst; (3) Hypertrophicd Fallopian Tubes. Paper—

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It was briefly stated, in the British Medical Joubnai, of

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If we may judge by the reports whieli have come to hand, the incidence

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accepts — namely, the use of vaccination and revaccination as

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sion of this same paper headed "the protection from

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day in .Tune. It was resolved : " That, from the facts which have come to

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lent to a height of 37,000 feet. Mountain climbers, like Mr.