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inspected 548,844 head of cattle, and have in connection with local

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basic substances. The amount of amino acids and peptides in normal

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We have shown that acids, when administered to dogs in parathyroid

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fective program into their general health activities.

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meals, was prescribed in July. Treatment was continued

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Paul Hines, St. Louis (1950); Orr Mullinax, Jefferson City

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gastrointestinal series showed no intrinsic lesion. On

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tend to be a safeguard. For the detection of most of the diseases

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Regulation 4/. — Only a single tier of sheep and goats may be carried on the shelter

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scripts. Furthermore, the stallions used should be registered in an

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clear fluid. There were 450 cells per cu. mm. ; of these, 25 were white cells,

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Following is a r^sum6 of the work done and the results accom-

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wall of the embryo used in the culture in Figure 1 in a medium

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Bulletin 89. Investigations in the Manufacture and Storage of Butter. II. —

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of the inner ends of the hanistrinsr muscles .\s the stimulus is increased

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There are some men ■who have difficulty in believing

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the characteristics of an infectious disease — it is probable that the

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sists in the addition of fixed, definite quantities of blood serum from

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no cervical adenopathy. Her temperature was 98.4 F.

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