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Continuing Medical Education, Medical School, University College
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low frequency stimulation yielded poor results with
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The vesicle where it is especially profuse is porcoptible within a
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tricular fibrillation in one and asystole in another.
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and at the same time a nutrient. As a suitable form for the adminis-
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Sydenham, — in other words, the gout, — should show a predilection for
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local form of horse-pox (German, Mauke) is known as "grease," and
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high bulb, it is thin and may easily be perforated.
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ninth day, and a larger ring appeared, so that the area involved was 10
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trauma, disfigurement, chronic debilitating pain and
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change of the smallpox exanthem and of the other signs of a secondary
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and more effective for bladder augiuentation. Prop-
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patients required decreased dosage of phenobarbital
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vapor, tend to increase the paroxysms and make complications more
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fn "eSr^Tv "T ^"'T'f^ ^^""'t^ ^""^ *^^ ^^^S^^^^* ^°"«h caused
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but shifts in mood — professional as well as public
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With a few, especially the older writers, the real question lay deeper.
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light and moisture and stored at controlled room temperature 59 to 77“F (15°to 25 C) in the man-
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Thomson’s technique for isolating stem cells uses early
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the experiment with these substances were conducted will
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there should be only a categoric imperative: "You must, since you
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urine was now considerably albuminous, specific graA'ity 1018. It
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present in 1 case, with visceral and glandular metastases.
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onset is 44*G3 years. The oldest patient had an onset age of
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been shown by Simpson, Walshe, and others; that they are at most
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such positive results show that the protection against vaccinia is lost
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Freymuth und Lickfett : " Laboratoriumscholera," Ebd., 1893, Nr. 19.
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MC PHEE. mark S. KU MED CENT ER-MED I C I NE . 66 1 0 3
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chromosomes in Fig. l.S present a striking ditierence from the
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The heart, in those cases in which death occurred during suppura-
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