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The Leeds and AVest Riding Medico-Chirurgical Society
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don ; Messrs. Lewis and Lewis, London ; L'^udon, The Editor of, Lon-
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the Edinburgh Obstetrical Society to be balloted for as an
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onset of the symptoms and their fatal termination. Some-
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initiative in convoking the Dresden Congress, for the states-
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his whole time be devoted to the duties of his office. The
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Emerald green is a double salt of copper with arsenious and
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Each morning when I asked the nurse whether the cough had
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The Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge has made
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salaries and showing the average amount of fees and emoluments for the
Board's attention. It was pointed out by the deputation that
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affects sensation as well as motion, but the pains in the limbs
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withont hEematecoesis, and since then has been subject to attacks of pain,
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communis Glissonii," and, what was even less known, that
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was especially when there was scanty urine laden with albu-
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weekly average for the seven weeks having been 16. The deaths last week
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organisms should produce such different products. As to the
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ance of this class of operations what their observations in
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respect of the some child; and whether, in accordance with the unani-
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and again recommitted to prison; but after a personal
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LOVETT, S. R., L.R.C.P.Ed., LE.C.S.r., LS.A.Lond.. Medical Officer of
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Gateshead, 3S.9 in Salford, 37.0 in West Ham, and 37.1 in Sunderland.
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Drugs Act which can only be attributed to aii excess qi^ zeal
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Mr. Thomson entirely concurred with Mr. M'Ardle that they
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editorial business of the Journal be addressed to the Editor at the
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