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no explanatory cause can be assigned. But the urine becomes scantier and

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ili'si-rilii's ,'i \.'r\ iisi'lnl imcIIiihI In wliii-li it ciii lie si-p.-initcil fi'nin lilui

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atmospheres) in a few minutes wit' o^it risk, hut from this i)oint on ijf

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the discoverable chnical features. It takes place by the veins or lymphatics,

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philic arthritb, as shown by Bowlby. Garrod also refers to rare cases in

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the jiressufe di-ives the IiIimkI fmni tlic |ieiiplietal iiitd the deep fej^ions

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was usually slight, but in some cases severe, and in some the diagnosis of

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fatal termination. Of the 180 collected cases, 72 proved fatal. These

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canal of an artery, and in a late series of experi-

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iiniDiint III" (liiid inu'i'Nti'cl mikI tlic ppopoitimi of lliiid rcfiiiiiiMl liy tin- 1hi.1.\

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"''• Aertir III I pri'SMire. sliewiiit; the ell'eet of pii<tiire i;4,-,

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The cxperiineiits of the first ■_'roiip .'onsist. in principle, in lireakinir

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makes it |)rol)leiiial ical whether any \asoco)istriction leally oci-urs. If

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the amount of earhoxy hcmoirlohiii formed was l!l per cent of the whole

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yonnir aninmls. I,, sum »/; what \m iilreiidy know, it may he said that

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nu'ters of ^Ms present in KM) ,•.,•. ,,f hlood the volume i)ercentaf;c. as it

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ixainplc. a fcriiicnlatioii i)roccss, or tlic alisorptioii of oxyjrcn liy Mood —

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"physiological osteomalacia," a porosity of bone not infrequently foimd,

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Raynaud's Disease. — Many cases simulate closely erythromelalgia, in

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ii'-nie. The ann.unt rarely exceds 0.7 trm. a day, hut on a diet rich ii

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motion of the lids and the lessened sensitiveness of the cornea, ulceration is

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cardiac palpitation, tachycardia, arhythmia, and, more rarely, murmurs;

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bacillus was found, each in pure culture. Melchior, in 5 cases of pure pyelo-

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Snnii' have thouj.'ht that tiie eerelirospinal Illiid as it llows into or out

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HypercBmia, — ^This is sometimes of great aid both, in influencing the

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, ■ I- -i'M •-. .,. „ M„.l,l,,!,„„. ,|„. ,„i,i,„_, I,,,,,, ., ,i,^, „ ,

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sithM'ably below the normal. For exami)le, at sea level the minute vol

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To quote from the same author: '* A large number of cases of tuberculosis

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iiion aM<l tlie symptoms are iiiueli the same as those of cnal-^jas ixiisonin;.'

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this subject, lays down the underlying causes as follows : (1) The simultane-