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age, and without having been preceded by symptoms denoting cerebral
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beyond the posterior end of the neural tube. X 325.
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congestion and serous effusion. The explanation of the absence of exu-
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account of the effects of the division. " Let it suffice for all, that
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the basis for the norms given in table 1, it seems certain that
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Physicians in malarious districts become familiar with cases which may
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but an inconsiderable proportion to the lingual portion of the
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the surface cool. This stage continues for one, two, or three days.
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treatment of any disease are found to be successful, it is a fair inference
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typhus) into the system may produce epileptic convulsions. Aside from
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reunion, with a restoration of function, may take place after the division
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Transient Gout. — Under this head are to be embraced all cases in
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■^^ Propssor of Comparative Anai<,nii/ in the Univ. of Pa.
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ten grains thrice daily. The benzoic acid is another remedy, given in
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American physicians of large experience in malarious situations have
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' Vide Murchison, St. Thomas's Hospital Reports, vol. ii.
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characters. The kidne3^s are often enlarged, without structural changes,
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Alzheimer (1) also made the same observation; instead of the glia
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no evidence of cinchonism, the dose may be repeated. It is to be con-
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several examples have come under my observation. I have' met with a
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that is, prior to either dropsy or uriemic symptoms. This was true in 30
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this function. A deficient production of sugar may be among the proxi-
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the paralysis are diminished or removed. A response to the electrical
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about chiefly through the agency of cells which enter the lumen
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From the foregoing table it appears that the emetics which
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will he of great use to the student and practitioner In
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Budd/ the secreting cells of the liver undergo disintegration. The cor-
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and the enlargement seems more on the anterior than on the
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which the duration is five, six, seven da3's, and even longer, and, on the