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large armies with lax vaccination regulations, as, for instance, the
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* An interesting confirmation of this observation wil) be found in the Trans,
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son, H. E.: Carcinoma of the islands of the pancreas: Hyperin-
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every kind favors it ; for example, the habit of eating without washing
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lication have been recommended by the UKSM faculty.
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septal defect, atrioventricular canal, total anomalous pul-
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acquire knowledge of those principles upon which depends a successful treatment
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Figure 1 . Comparison of crude cancer detection rates,
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insulin injection, and 41 were receiving twice daily
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An error of 5 ml is a 20 per cent deviation from the
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When death takes place at a later period, and especially after a
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slightly earlier onset of no comparative importance.
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effects with alcohol and other CNS depressants. An addi-
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of all countries, and in all times, can sympathise out of
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Finalty, in many cases we must give up an accurate etiologic classifi-
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erysipelas. The supposition is particularly well founded when the
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or, more frequently, from hepatitis. Hepatitis is be-
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isotretinoin are usually obtained within three hours. ^
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Romans, and Arabs, knew absolutely nothing about whooping-cough.
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was only 20, or, in comparison ^^dth the end of the seventeenth century,
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pression over the stomach ; the pulse is often weak, but never entirely
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up to which point the erysipelas had extended in the first attack. The
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It was further explained what principles are to be maintained in
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diseases are characterized by their local lesions. With this reservation,
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these latter ; this influence may be just as well secured by the applica-
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to bilateral involvement, are not sufficient to support the supposition
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serves current patients, helps attract new ones, and might
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the hallmark of our society and it is the legacy that
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uncertain owing to matting of the pelvic structures.