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Resolved, that all elective officers of the Medical
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Resolvedy That a committee of three be appointed whose duty it shall
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500,000 unit tablets. Bottles of 12 and 100 j Usual dose: 500,000 units t.i.d.
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each of the three types of facilities, that patients
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considerable number of cases are now on record m which the life of the
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Medical Arts Bldg., Rental S3. 00 per sq. ft. Janine Realty !
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night for the purpose of chloroforming and raping them.
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re-form new muscular speech habits. To obtain perfect
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results which I thought were glorious, and the same
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cause it is impossible to make a physical examination
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missions to hospitals, of which 136,626 were made dur-
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This has been accompanied by an increasing interest
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Tetracyn and penicillin has not altered the wise admonition
unisom reçeteli mi
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4. Robertson, H. C., Jr.; J. South Carolina M. A. 44:
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be given every opportunity of having the surgical ne-
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know that your officers could not, during 1954, ap-
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revising his chapter on fungus infection and by con-
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10:10 — “Fractures of the Nose.” (Motion pic-
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was necessary in 1950. This is no longer necessary.
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Marion A. P. Heller, Centralia F. A. Phillips, Centralia.
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things in the developmental stage have discredited other
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completed and in operation are 71 projects at a total
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42,124, with success in 18,186. In the same year, Dr. Aggeno
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oases, and points to tbe fact, that in all recorded (by him ^) cases the
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6. Schutz, K ; Wien. klin. Wchnschr. 48: 392 (Mar. 29)
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the claim that Dr. Landess was unethical because his
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first repulsed by the murderer, who kept them at bay with a gun, and