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closely as the patient stabilizes. The urine glucose
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phencyclidine intoxication. We here report an addi-
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placed on the knee of the other leg. Localized pain at
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from pain with TENS therapy. Fifteen per cent of the
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spasm — tablets . 2 to 10 mg t.i.d. or q.i.d.; or 1 or 2 ca psules (15 to 30 mg) once
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April 8-9 Ob/ Gyn Update Institute for Medical Education-
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Figure 2 . Mean fasting, one and two hour postprandial
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In 1996, the HealthPartners Institute for Medical Education (IME) was created to support the ongoing
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protamine anaphylaxis: protocols for therapy in acute reactions 454
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characteristic pains in swallowing. At first there is not rarely a
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early identification of disease progression or recur-
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an attack of variola, provided too long a time has not intervened.
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closed up the flesh instead thereof.’’ In 1853, when
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were not patients who were attacked by their catarrh before the sum-
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For the health care community, the Y2K issue literally can have life or death ramifications.
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protective personal coat of denial until the threat of
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spiritus salis dulcis ; Huxham, with his venesection and mercury ; Strand-
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In the case of ovarian growths which contain epithelium
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that there may be a psychiatric basis for the disease.
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don't have to take our word for it. We'll gladly put you in touch with
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to the greater curvature of the stomach, and elsewhere it w^as
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no metastases in 4 cases, glandular only in 1, visceral only in
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These questions, even though formulated less exactly, have occu-
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quently, to a certain extent, the disease may be described as mias-
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10110 110 101010101 10101 010101 0101 101010 010101 1100 0001000
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eight hours, or in certain other experiments in the warm in-
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CPC on these and other topics AMA Category 1 credit
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flow cycled, pressure limited controllers which com-
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even green characters dancing on a screen have been
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his efforts that his countrymen acquired a great confidence in the
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made by the copy editor. Manuscripts are received with
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vates the siphon that drains the water down to a depth
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less numerous colonies of the ordinary intestinal bacteria are found. Yet
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was discovered or was the means of directing the patient's
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emetic drug on the cytotoxic agent): Very little is
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in a few days. Diarrhea out of proportion to the flow