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Minnesota Board of Medicial Practice physician licen-
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comma bacilli in large numbers appeared in the stools. Similar
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There may be some difficulty in differentiating this " toux coquelu-
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of the laryngeal lesion. Once the diagnosis has been
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tacked and killed an incomparably greater number of soldiers in the
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Of the 51 cases of cancer of the rectum which are recorded,
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diseases resulting in those lately infected by syphilis, syphilis did not
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aberrations of the human reason, or perhaps it may be more properly
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canal in food, if this has been directly contaminated or exposed
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civilizing influences of a democratic tradition.”
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Cancer: Prevention, Epidemiology, and Screening (Winawer,
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animal. The physician needs to evaluate a series of
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Fever may be entirely absent, and usually occurs only at the height
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which becomes evident especiaUy on deep breathing, or an attempt to
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ature demarcation as well as paresthesias or anesthe-
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causes of death, the pandemic by no means attained the severity
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sleep laboratory in the investigation of sleep and sleep
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observed so universally that one familiar with a family’s
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or indirectly the result of vaccination. It came first from the de-
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medical, would be more interesting if you were doing
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far as is possible they were absolutely comparable. The stains
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acteristics, unless they were closely similar in de-
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made with a different sample of pitch to the others, and gave
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the CO^) or in hot milk. They are useful, too, in a spasmodic stage
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Of the cases coming to the hospital with recurrence, who
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symptoms, being recorded in 92 cases or 31 "2 per cent.
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tion of vaccine material would also be susceptible to variolation, if this
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of endogenous insulin secretion even in the presence
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5. Konetey-Ahulu, F. I. D.: The sickle cell diseases. Arch.
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team consisting of the medical staff, the psychiatrist,
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use of Bactrim In children under two years of age. Bactrim Is not indicated for prophy-
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denuded of epidermis, which either is subsequently covered with skin
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and feet, and especially about the nails. All secretions except the