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Urine is ; make the Urine boyle, with a little salt put into
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border was moderately elevated and was an eighth of an
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24. Goyanes. Siglio Medico, October 2, 9, 16, 1909.
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he has found unmistakable evidence that the regres-
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after treatment and were followed up after their dis-
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anus, the best comparison one could make of ulcera-
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quickly develop in a child with early hip joint dis-
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had to pay for these persons' arrest, their trial, and
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severe ; it may be mild or even lacking ; its radiation
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7. Re'-Jtion ' etwe.en Apnend'citi> and Disturbance in the
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assistance rendered. He was the first missionary physician among
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November 2nd: History of illness for two days; fever;
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lobe secretion and its properties is lacking the ex-
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acter of the metabolism may show variations at dif-
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or conjunctival test of the nature of the von Pirquet
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throes of a busy practice. Calls have ceased to sur-
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cess of the ilium to the apex of the fold between the
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C.\se 11. This case is one that was presented at the
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that it IS astonishing that the profession as a whole
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are shipped direct from the Commission to the places of
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tion arose. Is the Freud treatment, after all, of any
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body and soul with the spirit of the poppy and none
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{terra, aqua, aer, ignis — in gravitational order)
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— Dudley observes that during the period of teeth-
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Coin-right, ioto. by .\ R. Elliott Publishing Company.
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ple in the United States were dying annually of this
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arms as if to protect himself. The temperature then was
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surgery of the bloodvessels, and expressed his con-
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eight to ten days if untreated (earlier under treat-
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lous infiltration of the lungs during the first stage.
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State sanatoria, twenty-eight county hospitals, and twenty-
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for the purpose of giving him fresh air, a thing to
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gested to primitive inquirers by observation of the
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so obviating the necessity of giving rectal salines,
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us, for instance, of a woman who had suft'ered from
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with smallpox, but this is true also of syphilis and