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the smoking of clay pipes, particularly if the mouthpiece be
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GW et al: Can Med A5ioc J 772:91 S-95S, Jun 14, 1975. 3. Beck
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federal support. It is essential that all of us partici-
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HAMMEKE# JOHN C, 3601 S 4TH ST TR AFF I C WA Y , 66 04 8
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were by the intricacies of glucose metabolism — the
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intestine is by no means sufficient to produce such a thickening of the
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common man in its entirety is at least as good as in
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chemical properties of the dusts they form. Semin. Oncol.
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cases. In French etal.'s series,’^ the earliest positive
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they had remained unaffected by the one as by the other disease.
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breaking-out of the disease in another, there was, in 18 cases, an average
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prognosis. They occur only in the severe cases with marked dis-
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may be acceptable in a few sites, but on the face, use
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Yet the origin of the disease must remain shrouded for all time,
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changes made by copy editors. Manuscripts are edited for
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dition of poverty that prevented her following out further treatment.
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person, swearing is no big deal, while to another it’s
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placed in any drug category. Most quasi-experts call
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hatred will be continually nurtured as a i)art of their religion.
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meprobamate) during first trimester of pregnancy has been suggested in several studies.
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the epidermis. The vaccine material, which has been held in readiness,
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5. Meersman T. Lab in Duluth adds new fuel to debate
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Atlas and Epitome of the Nervous System and Its Diseases.
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first place, that variola may be infectious in each of its stages, not
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on wliich the}^ may increase and develop into an infectious form ; and,
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as depression and irritability, were included. Thus
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The fourth pandemic struck Europe in 1865. The disease was
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him with chlorin vapor, or S(|uirting him with other disinfectants before
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Some very minute foci of obsolescent growth, enveloped
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