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After preliminary education in the public schools, he entered
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given him, " On being escorted to the platform (a com-
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of the respiratory movements, was ultimately arrested in the
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genetic, to an extent equaled only in the field of neurology. Through this
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of high intellectual accomplishments, personally supervised his pri-
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long a time on " drains and tents," from Pare to the present
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summarizing of the conclusions of these gentlemen, though
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Contributions of original articles, correspondence, personal items, etc., should be sent to the publishers,
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papers and journal contributions too numerous to mention,
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selves at all about the theories of pathological speculators ?
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course of training in the college with eminent success,
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while the writer himself prepared a series of triturations in the
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caused by an elongated uvula, by much talking or singing ; ap-
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Stale University of Iowa. It was the first honor of that
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endeavoring to present a brief view of our present and actual
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those whom tender years would excuse, and the incurables.
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mental impression which needs no investigation, nor the common
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nerva-like, from the head of Jove, but born an infant, so to say,
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to University College Hospital, and professor of clinical surgery
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career, a valvular lesion of the heart developed, which, on
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thought that he may, if he will, be "the minister and interpreter
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After several incidental matters had been disposed of, the
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also has for many years been attending surgeon to the Women 's Hos-
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not fail to be delightful reading, not only to the growing lads for
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founders of the New York Academy of Medicine, and the American
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the Congress and President of the Section on Anatomy,
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ease in front and back of the fissure of Rolando causes paralysis
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Rhode Island. His eldest brother, Elisha Smith Thomas,
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her professional life she answered, "The highest compli-
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dent surgeon (1887) and surgeon (1891) in the Albany Hospital;
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two hundred and thirteen pounds, five feet seven inches in
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residence at Cooperstown, New Votk. Personally he is a
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