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&c. — were shown, which he had vomited. (A white powder was sub-

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much alarm until two days ago — ^the seventh since croupy symptooas

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first visit, being incapable of the least motion, except of the arms. The

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ulcer, and confined there by strips of adhesive plaster. So long, however,

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liave you two ten dollar notes in your pocket?'*' " Yes, sir." " Will

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dangerous, and that they require careful watching. Space will not allow

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Hypertrophic scarring is well known in bad cases of acne vulgaris. And

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numhera of the preeedins month, atitched in a cover. J. V. 0. HMITIL M.D. Editor.— Price i9«00 s

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whether resulting from section or injury of the nerve trunk, neuritis, or other

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Chills or actual rigors may occur at the onset, or during the course of

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motions are more than two (some say more than four or even eight) in

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practised, against hot baths, was so great that they were generally objected

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more refractory to treatment. Various fissures are developed, and the

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applied every three days or so, three or four times, has a wonderful effect in

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Hysterical ataxy can be differentiated by attention to the fundamental

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only by auscultation and percussion, practised with general views, that

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produces a white precipitate of calcium oxalate, which is insoluble in acetic

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years ago, against the monopolists, and parliamentary coromitteea have

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practitioners at present. Yet in cases of habitual constipation it should

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who has been effectually cured in the couiie of three or four days by

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People who . suffer from tubercle, malaria, advanced anaemia, the hsemor-

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of the hip, namely the flexors of the knee and the dorsal flexors of the foot.

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perience is in favour of combining it with the administration of thyroid

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[ have the honor to be, yours, very respectfully, J. B. Brown.

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fits occur in some cases. The temperature at first is irregular, but later

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ever, that these means are in our hands, and that Chapot-Prevost and

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the changes may be more marked after diphtheria or typhoid fever in which there

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oient, either to the fever, or to the diarrhoea, or to an appreciable lesion

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constant relation to the inferior thyroid artery, usually lying superficially