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revealed one or more previous attacks of er3^sipelas. Roger's*" cases

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[The above table of mortality includes all cases in which death occurred

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in the convalescence. The inunctions are to be repeated two or

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these opposite theories to the cases of so-called original vaccuiia in

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the society itself, but also from the proper authorities elsewhere in

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Graduated from Yale University School of Medicine in

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lying near a small artery and vein. Fig. G (block 5) shows two

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the patient’s cells, generate an embryo using cloning

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those significant persons affected by another’s alco-

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stated that, according to the chronologic order, a weakening of the

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of PROCARDIA IS suggested Close observation is especially recommended for patients already

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tw^o patients w^ere sensitive to the smell of hay, without a 3'early recur-

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characteristic on the gelatin plate that this culture must not be

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serum chagrin level. This situation is due to a recent

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cally mentally ill patients. Send $6 to Difficult Patients, Division of

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Scanning Service. Physician owned, trained & supervised. $35 for cas-

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800 doctors. We employ 60 people and house well over

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an osmotic diuresis is established with mannitol the

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in 13 the condition developed at a later stage of the disease.

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be left alone as their removal might precipitate the

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1). Oi these five patients, four had bilateral dissec-

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The same is true for the discrimination between cholera nostras and

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5. Friesen, S. R.: Surgical Endocrinology: Clinical Syn-

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