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havior of these epidemics would naturally be correspondingly miti-

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Endocrine, and Cancer Surgery University of Minnesota

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health. Only the foods that are difficult of digestion or that disturb

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resolved with reduction in job stress, and he main-

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variola pustules, nothing is obtained but quite a rudimentary general

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time the inoculated indi^■idual had an actiAT fever and other symp-

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died, a mortality of 63.4%. It appears, therefore, that although the

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authors. Only submit unpublished articles that have not

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tively compared 1 ,008 cases of Stage I disease, 415

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Of the 7 carcinomata and 9 sarcomata purposely inoculated with

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such an extent that the slightest suspicion of an epidemic scarcely ever

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seek an alternative vendor and establish a relationship

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With regard to the measures by which the local predisposition is

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to Methodist Hospital in St. Fouis Park. In addition,

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pulse-rate. If there is an alarming weakness of the pulse, camphor or

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Bolognesi and Roger ^*'*' have emphasized the fact that equally good re-

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action to promote civic responsibility and integrity

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des wiirttembergischen Volkes," Stuttgart, 1850; also: "Die Impfung ein Miss-

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physicians differ. Some wish to ascribe to them no protective value ;

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penile implants; surgical treatment of impotence 244

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space, it likewise results in a decrease in extracellu-

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and Emmerich (1892), who swallowed large quantities of a pure

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obdurate — we won’t put the Baron’s pleasure-

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results before the bacilli have penetrated deeply into the tissue of the

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filaments described as filamentary keratitis may also

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The idea of revaccination had its birth at this troublous time,

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recurrences were available for examination, and in these the

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Practitioners to join our practice in the picturesque hills of

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is lacking which would show that they arose either singly or altogether