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and in every instance from health}^ children, with unquestionable

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the causation of amphoric resonance on percussion, and amj)horic respira-

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(Edema of the glottis very rarely, if ever, occurs in infancy or child-

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supposed to give rise to the formation of pus within the liver, exterior to

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back as before. He had experienced no difllculty from want of l)reath

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will end in April, 1892. Didactic lectures are illustrated by daily clinical

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The curriculum is graded, and a preliminary examinatioD

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coughing exert their effect especially upon the inferior portion of the

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out under the direction of competent and trustworthy observers, are

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due to the coincidence of the causes proper to each.

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found also in chjde and in the liquid contained in the 13-mphatic vessels,

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which Marey terms the form of the pulse. The upward line traced dur-

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unusual energy and quickness; but the sounds were normal. Her

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McKESSON& ROBBINS, Manufacturing Chemists, New York.

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itruction in Medicine, Gynaecology, Surgery and Obstetrics

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m Habitual Abortions, and General Uterine Debility. «

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Respiratory sound is sometimes wanting over the whole of the affected

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successive occurrence of a greater or less number of cases among members

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The late Dr. Harris, of Camden, died of acute peritonitis. On

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adding some remarks as to the absolute necessity of using pure medicaments:

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smallpox February 30. Sick three weeks ; had it lightly. When

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The curriculum is graded and three annual winter sessions are required. Practical instruction, including

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or less number. In twenty of these cases the arrest took place under

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is afforded the greatest .chanoe for recoyery. We know that in

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mate subdivisions of the bronchial tree, or the bronchioles, are not the

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In the year 1830, Dr. Morton added to his other duties those of

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l%e following donations to the Library were received : —

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in which the diagnosis of disease of the gastric tubules was made from

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as well as to the soporific state, in order to avoid a cumulation which may