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and the want of any signs of hepatitis were considered, it was quite

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As will be observed in the other groups, this test shows such marked

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The first maxim of therapy, which was inculcated by Hippoc-

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treatment and one month after my observation great agony at the

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gland has been recorded by Beclerc. 78 This patient took by mistake

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indefinite record. In the tenth year one had recurrence and the other

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We are indebted to Miss Barker, the laboratory assistant, n<r estimating

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month the year before he came under my observation) the pulse-rate

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also to the decree of expansion of the air cells, states of emphysema,

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suffered a very typical attack of pellagra and was seen by us. She was

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drachms may be administered in cases of failing nutrition. "Where

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second column of each series of three columns gives the percentage concen-

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with the signs of acute dilatation. Necropsy was refused.

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Both hands may be equally affected or one more than the other, and

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cases of a yeast infection, referred to as saccharomycosis, which we

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numbers in the blood. In contrast to this division of mononuclear

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is supported by the improvement in renal function with improvement

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Trousseau located the disease in the nervous system, and considered

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ing serozyme from very clear normal oxalated plasma. An explana-

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ever, though he has noted the increased arterial tension which at-

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a more definite end reading. The hemoglobin in each specimen of