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The eruption commonly appeared either with the rise of temperature or on

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over seventy in 20 per cent. ; the mother only was over seventy

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stances the anthrax bacillus may occasionally be demonstrated in blood films

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endocarditis and arthritis, died rapidly on re-infection, when pregnant,

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is common during the febrile stage, and hematuria, uraemia, and anasarca,

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cous membrane of the respiratory tract (volatile oils), and

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static congestion, infection through the diaphragm, especially in gall-bladder

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bowel, is an interesting question but it is doubtful if practically it is worthy

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due to the impact of the apex of the heart against the alveoli

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does not pit on pressure. Later it becomes very tense, rather firm, and the

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bable that sudden death from heart failure is due to the effects of the toxic

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When the joint symptoms are severe the salicylates, alone or in combi-

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against the practice, and of course against her, were beyond belief. The

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fatigue becomes a factor in its production. The acid results

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as late as the fourth month of convalescence. It is possible that the abortive

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cidium stegomyioe, and suggested that it might be the etiological agent of the

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heroically administered. It is true that all of the patients to whom large

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Bacon's canon (Xo. XIX.) for the benefit of modem believers

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Heart failure with fading of the rash is an indication of danger, but this

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diffuse hemorrhages. These hemorrhagic lesions are more frequent in

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had gratifying results. The most comprehensive account of the investiga-

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mation is but slight. Some doubt the possibility of transmission during

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means for vaccination the exposure of unvaccinated individuals to the disease

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the albuminuria cannot be removed the condition will become

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in the spring of 1S91, while influenza was epidemic in the United States and

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affection of the brain ; and some special forms of lame-

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Serum that has lost its lytic power on account of destruction of the comple-

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followed by hypertrophy of the ventricle or dilatation of the

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Fig. 2. — Influenza bacilli in alveolar exudate. X 1000.

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another game of baseball the same conditions were found.

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term "specific" as applied to the "diplococcus rheumaticus"; and the pres-

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to be kept alive, must be renewed at short intervals. It grows best on Loeffler's

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vascular disturbance in the kidney, or as a glomerulitis or

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the presence of the hair, as it becomes matted and foul with the discharge.

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Jesse W. Lazear, of the United States Army, was formed on the Island of

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in the preemptive stage if possible. The early leukocytosis is of value, if

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foration may occur while the patient is moribund. In these there may be

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The action of intense heat or cold on animal tissue is

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the incision, and thus the vessel is occluded 6n either side