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cal School has by his teachings and with his able pen (4,

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little later, at Galveston. Since then, Lieut. Col. Champe C.

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The Scope of Forensic Medicine. — If physicians as a

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creditable medical witness — that is, the ordinary witness to

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of the class of 1888. By R. F. Macfarlane, M. D 337

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present in each phase; the proportion, however, is different. The precipitate

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very briefly the proper management of the apparently drowned

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disease is more common in males than in females. The majority of frac-

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Figure 1. CT scan demonstrates a “double lumen” artifact caused Figure 2. Aortography reveals an extremely tortuous infrarenal

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hypophysis. There is still much to learn, however, as to this inter-

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Personal. — Married. — Lieut. John Joseph Randall (A. M. C. '17), to

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Mayor Philip S. Van Rensselaer acting as president. William

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ADVERSE REACTIONS: The following have been reported as adverse events in

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parts are available for examination, so that some of the forms

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trast to the association of diabetes with acromegaly. However, the

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RICHARD G. BADGER, Publisher, 194 Boylston St., BOSTON

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at the time, in the newspaper accounts. A correspondent, Dr.

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are extensive and provision for many more may be readily

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sadder, if possible. Most often the guilty party is an indi-

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we would naturally answer in the negative. Experience in hos-

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Cadaveric rigidity develops early in the bodies of the

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quadriplegia ; (2) spasmodic paraplegia; (3) spasmodic hemi-

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Choice of Methods in Treatment of Operable Cases of Cancer.

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While it is desirable to train as many medical students as possible, and

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of the heart was normal ; the cardiac cavities contained blood

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author's paper, from which we quote the following interesting

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Nahrung, die im Autoklaven hohen Temperaturen ausgesetzt worden war, einer

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immediately before or during birth, and so was not a victim

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lung-tissue, so emptied, will sink. It is not so with lung-tissue

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for a higher temperature and drier atmosphere in the cocoon stage

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Case I. — S. F., age 35. Acute lobar pneumonia — delayed resolution.

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