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to eight per cent. ; Rhine wines the same ; porter, five to six

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is certainly no measure more valuable than the cold douche, carefully

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was more satisfying than any preparation of eodeia which, indeed,

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dermically ; and for the same symptom Bemiss highly recommends

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manifested at the end of two or three weeks. It must be borne in mind

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In a number of instances I have observed stupor and delirium quickly

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and the intensity of the nervous symptoms, especially the vomiting, coma,

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protein for a small price here, and also much fat and carbo-

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extent of tissue involved, but also as to the character of the morbid

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liook has met with considerable success and that it has been brought

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Fig. 21.— Temperature-chart of a case of variola, from a patient iu the Municipal Hospital, Phila-

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effusion calls for paracentesis {vide Sero-fibrinous Pericarditis).

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complications grave general conditions may be presented. The duration

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to apply to those not generally used as food, whether edible

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" 4. The after-effect of the douche, especially after frequent repeti-

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are contraindicated when the heart is weak and whenever internal con-

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ammonia, nux vomica, gentian, juniper, chamomile, almonds,

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more rarely is associated with it. Of 554 cases analyzed by Osier, in

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gradually increases until the respirations become rapid (40 to 60 per

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chronic diseases, while the former is regarded by the author as equally

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MissH , aged twenty, ill two years, under constant treatment by gynsecolo-

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turing a vesicle does not cause it to collapse, but allows only a small por-

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procedures. Rarely, if ever, will any cold bath reduce the temperature

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been thoroughly discussed, but is not, as yet, fully settled. Many

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spirit nor with the intent to convey the idea that good work is not

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■water. It is my custom to administer in pneumonia, as in typhoid fever,

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would not suit our tastes in America at all. It is dark and

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sclerosis. The pulse is full; its curve is high. Prolonged stay in the

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fat continues. Here the cells are bathed in a rich sugar so-