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may give ries to confusion. Palpation will generally prevent an error

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requiring treatment, schooling, and therapeutic activities. The Raphael Center

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The same local conditions, the same temperature and weather phenom-

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ture of 22° C. (71.6° F.), and the gelatin cultures placed in an ice-chest,

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recorded in Tables I, II and III, and the mortality rate

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erated hypotension . These responses have usually occurred during initial titration or at the time of

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Klautsch, A. :"Verlauf der Cholera in der Schwangerschaft," " Miinch. mod.

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I.e. — Warlomont: I.e. — Haubner: "Die inneren und ausseren Krankheiten der

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living by waiting on machines, listening much of the

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general supportive measures, I.V fluids, adequate airway. Use levarterenol or

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utes. If no relief after third administration, appropriate adjunaive therapy is

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''remplace par une urticaire, qui dura aussi de six a sept semaines."

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groups of patients have been noted to have personal-

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1979 to 1981. Of 142 potential surgical candidates,

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by the use of a Gifibrd's screen or a dark blue glass.

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hospital physician knows how uncertain the statements of patients are

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cholera was present in the neighboring (irand Duchy of Baden, only a

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Recurrence after Operation. — Of the 233 male cases with

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CONTRAINDICATIDNS: Known hypersensitivity reaction to PROCARDIA.

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factory treatment than they were in the time of Ed-

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empire at least, the beginning of a new era in the prophylaxis of

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least significantly reduce anti-N&V medication dos-

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precautions, slowly injected into the subcutaneous tissue of

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submission, and to check galley proof for typographical

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polyps, linear cautery of inferior turbinates, excision

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In the recurring paroxysms of quintana, nothing was coughed up

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reported. Also reported: headache, heartburn, upset

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Address reprint equests to Dr. Hodges, Medical Service

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apart from definite hiematemesis was observed in 21 cases, and

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these cases ; for the greater the number of patients and the more in-

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fact that these descriptions of the conditions in the nineteenth century

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candy.” When the profit motive is alive and well,