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that it is necessary for me to spend any time discussing these things, as they will likely
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Koplik seems to think that there is often more extension of
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The relation of certain back strains to flat foot has been the
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occasionally shown in fuchsin-light green specimens (Fig. 9) within
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eral cerebral symptoms, but soon or late cortical irritation ap-
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the scenery that opens upon the traveller. He said, "What an
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evolution of undesirable habits is environment, especially where
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condition. This is so for more reasons than one. Under medical treat-
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uous life, worry, anxiety, sorrow, have all seemed to cause ar-
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interposed soft tissues constitute an obstacle to osseous union, re-
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anywhere from one half to two inches down the urethra.
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to these are added ; cases from the author's private practice. Fourteen
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sputum, feces, stomach contents, water, milk, etc. Bacteriological exami-
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friends of the opposite school; send them to some private institu-
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Practically no preliminary general education was required for
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This is a little book written in a very plain manner for the purpose
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are only of value when followed by a prompt and lasting reaction.
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one in materia medica and general therapeutics, presided over
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The next day she could move her left foot a little and in a
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nephritis would by all be considered as unqualified indications for
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mittee are by no means agreed. The committee thought it advisable to bring the clause in
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friction is applied, being suspended in a liquid medium between a
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ing spells, when she thought she was going to die. /'The world
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The President — It is very questionable whether the language Dr. Rogers used implied
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the retinal symptoms have sufficiently cleared so that she has
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For certain maniacal conditions, as well as for certain states
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Competition for the year. While the American Red Cross will be glad
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types of operative tonsils are recognized by laryngologists today,
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