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■ Other authorities paint the parts with a ^/lo per cent, solution of

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Jameson continues the narrative : '' Unsubjected to the laws

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0.5 G. (7 gr.), to be taken in the morning may be substituted. The

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towns very comfortable accommodations can be obtained at low rates.

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were absorbed by the large intestine, yet, on the contrary, H. J.

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thered by a retarded blood current in the sac and a permanently lowered

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in addition to any other Qualifications in the Medical Acts.

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attention to all the psychical aids of digestion, will do as much as any

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for the same length of time. Each amount was then injected into

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t Several years before the death of Dr. Ricketts he and I planned a joint work on Rocky Mountain

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health, some pallor, symptoms of arterial tension and hypertrophy of

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Each of these pavilions forms a separate hospital, posses/t^ ^ __

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all the immunizing principles of the tubercle bacilli (Koch) . It produces

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The dose is 1 cm. (15 drops) repeated two or three times a day.

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antipyretic. His statistics are hardly over a sufficiently long period to

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But under the law of symmetry (sphericity) this structure is ob-

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of 1 e.c. capacity, divided into 20 parts. Two parts, therefore, equal

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Experience, as well as medical science, teaches us that the health

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sewage material with water used for domestic purposes, on the

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None of the balsams mentioned on p. 297, nor sodium benzoate, is

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Protection from Cold. — Our first care must be to keep the patient from

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fO-^iOtDt^COOiOr-<(Mi:C'*'CCDI^OOC50-HC^?0-»t<0^t— COCSO

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and half water, or oat-cocoa (strongly to be recommended)

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perature ; consequently, they must be taken with great caution unless they

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or only slightly performed, its regular rotatory movement on its

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animals were in most cases young and healthy dogs. In order to

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of sunshine, these resorts would be better than either Denver or Colorado

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the Infirmary, containing from ten to twelve beds, known as the

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Morphine — Chloroform. — The colic pain is best controlled by sub-

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chaetes retained the stain in Gram's method, contrary to the state-

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Drinks: All kinds of chalybeate mineral waters and artificial

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patients under surgical treatment for injuries and other local com-

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are contained in Blaud's mass and the syrup of the iodide of iron seem

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