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ciation’s activities fall clearly in one of these
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P. M.; at 12 some slight reaction, but his sleep was profound with laborious
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acquired for him the most implicit confidence, and his advancement was pro-
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while the other failed to yield any result. He then took 7000 grains of
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As this change takes place either from large doses of lead, taken internally,
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case in pneumonia and acute bronchitis, but in abdominal dis-
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with yellow, that means jaundice. But the dull, heavy,
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and among 774 children, 26 were attacked, and 19 died.
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of sympathetic disease were already present in the second eje. It
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rule of the origin of the disease by transmission from the sick
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kidneys. Clear yellow fluid (serum), in quantity, in the lower lobe of
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and galvanism employed twice a day (it is not mentioned in what
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Th^e had been no sickness, it is stated, amonff the crew, fifteen in
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Frothy muco-purulent fluid filling the trachea and bronchi. Excess
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six attacks of right upper quadrant pain associated
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firs; next a growth of low bushes; and still further up only moss or lichen,
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sionallj even clots ; he had repeated attacks of aphthous ulceration
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practice, military priority 4, with two years mili-
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the development of sympathetic disease, is shown, I think, by the
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labour occurred, the foetus having apparently been dead two or three
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drug. In frogs, like coffee, it produces tetanus, its action being
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capital of Wallachia. All the attempts made to exclude the
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pang). At least the disease generally occurs in persons
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taken of the wounded in battle, and when epidemics do not
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Remarks. — ^Whether the plugging of the carotid artery in this
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repulsion of active idea. . . . The deep basis of all mental action
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Mr. Farr furnishes a highly interesting statement of the smallpox epidemic
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which water of any requisite temperature can be employed, and conveyed