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places by melanotic material, which at other points had burst

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lication have been recommended by the UKSM faculty.

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The difference in morbidity in favor of the German army, previously

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In individual cases it must be regarded as favorable when the

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patients who remain symptomatic despite adequate doses of

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of the spindle-cell sarcomata had metastases in the omentum,

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or necrotizing angiitis which have led to irreversible hepatotoxicity and death.

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age groups. At least in the 65-74 age group, survival

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9. Spring, G. K.: Neurotoxicity with combined use of

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Gynecology and Obstetrics (Romney, Seymour L. et al., eds.).

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In relation to a celebrated case, that of the physicist Helmholtz, I

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occurred in unmarried women, a number equal to 4-5 per cent,

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The age of the patients when first operated upon was taken in his series.