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right ventricle, there will be no accentuation of the second pulmonary

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tion by this structure. The main factor in the loss of this function and

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noticed that her face was swollen some two months before she

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times the latent period was shorter and often much longer. Six experi-

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but in the other patient death was due to the trichina infection. This

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experiments to give rise to precisely the same amount of glucose as did

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luria and thoracic-duct obstruction is clearly shown by the above

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since no one was thinking of that disease. Now that attention is

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rences in 1914 are undoubtedly less complete than for 1912 and 1913,

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to help him every evening a large quantity of strong tea, and suf-

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thromboplastic action of hemophilic tissue. He showed from a study

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pulse pressure. All of the patients in our series were put to bed for

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muscle. The murmur is heard at the apex presystolic and the sound

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a sudden giving way of the legs, so that the patient at once falls to

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the critical venous pressure. Lewis 7 found that in man "a deep inter-

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of heart failure are ominous, appeal must be had to digitalis, to

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the thumb and forefinger in the pamphlet he had been reading, the

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it is seen that the heart is enlarged and the increase of dulness will

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The stage of full compensation is indicated by the fact that, not-

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More widespread occurrence of the condition than is indicated 1>\

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It appears to be generally accepted, therefore, that in the normal

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culated and may be in this way suspended in the cavity of the heart

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mother, Case 37, developed pellagra in 1908 and has had yearly recur-

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to inflammation from injury, irritation, or pressure.

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region, and distinguished it as the fremissement cataire, the name by

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will appear occasionally hereafter, are in part to enlarge the concep-

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at one time or another. The vast majority of the cases in the series