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the ligamentum patellae is divided near the patella, without opening the
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26. The catheter was introduced morning and evening.
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tubercle bacilli into the human body, in which I am trying to show
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to the degenerative organs, an atrophy of the seminiferous tubules and of
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aspects are invariably rough and jagged. Occasionally stalactite-like pro-
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power. Here he takes into account the differences which are encountered
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were present. Perspiration was a marked feature. The urine varied in
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and hyaline degeneration of the walls of the seminiferous tubules, many of
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with measured amounts of zinc acetate alcohol. In this way almost
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The sources of radiation were placed in turn at distances ranging from
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wanted to be liked and believed it to be her own fault that, as she
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intensit}^ of the reaction is greatest in this disease. It will be noted
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influence of repeated stances at closer intervals. The eosinophils and large
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with 0.4 per cent, salt solution. The names of the various colors
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search after the unknown body which protects those free from carcinoma
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improvement was not marked. He notes, however, that, in the varying
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apparently peribronchial in location but very irregulaly distributed.
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nity of that state, or states, as in the present instance, are to
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stream does not seem to stand in face of the repeated instances
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Account of the Epidemic Dysentery, as it appeared in Beverty in the Sum-
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The x-ray examination reveals the gastro-enterostomj^ opening free
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VerdauungsJcr., 1921, 27, 227. (Chem. Abstr.. 1921, 15. 2479.)
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during the intervals between attacks. IMagnus-Levy came to
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the retina were increased by the high protein diet. A similar experiment
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shivering, instability of temperature, sensations of cold, cough, and digestive
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specific gravitj'' of 1016 to 1028, a trace of albumin, and occasional erythro-
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P H 8-4 the same bile specimens or their salts acquire inhibitory, bacteriostatic,
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