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and lymphatic leukaemia, or have brought forward arguments for or against

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acteristic. If there is general involvement with flexion of the spine the upper

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who have attempted to produce the disease by extirpation of the sympathetic

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renal pelvis, and is often accompanied by marked improvement in the

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loosely to signify indiscriminately inflammation of the perirenal tissues, while

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is always the operation of choice if the circumstances warrant it, that is

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'I'll 'Ik' I' I "iis liiiiilL'lit iiitii ;i siilulil liilitiiiii li\ till' (liu't'st

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the eardiae eontrietioiis. Other oh.servers. however, deny that the in

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a serous fluid by absorption. If the process extends through the kidney

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developed in early childhood, and disappeared with the development

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li\i' line Siipp.:-.i. tiir I'vampli'. lliat \r take a piece <if ^rold in uatc

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m reaction, hcome nioiv thoroughly churned up with the local pepsi,,

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protein: it mnst therefore he clue to an aelual luiililins: iiji of new pro-

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liook to review in any detail the many ex|)criniciital investijrations which

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I'iiciiiiiliiiii is Miiiii' (II- Ion ii'i-ipi ill with ||i,it .'it tiic lUM'iplicrv. .•in

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proiluccil experimentally or liecome liexclopcd umler altereil pliysiolonie

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In tlic liot KiMH\ii u|' i!i..>c. cill.-l rlii'Mi.' Sl(iki> if>|.iiiilioii, i, piMiml

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an increase in the elastic fibers below the papillary layer, extending into the

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f durations prophylactic measures, as a rule, cannot be carried out success-

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remembered that there may be a certain amount of bony atrophy secondary

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siirt'aees. \ liereas in the lower lohes cxpatision is aeeompanied liy a \s\<\

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tli<> IiikIv 's iMctiiliiilisiu, must iit line tiiiit' or aMntliiT cdiit.'iin nil tlu> iiia-

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not more properly belong under the heading of Arthritis Deformans. As a

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intervesicular walls, by which the lymphatics are also ruptured. Several

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Erdheim found the bodies normal in two cases of gastric tetany and one

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tions, either by mouth or by rectum, as by the latter method most of the fluid

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the symptom complex of tumor of the brain, and when an innamed and

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Age. — ^The incidence of the disease is most frequent in the third decade.

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I Mfcome prior to the ()|)eninf: of these valves at the he<;iiiniiiL'

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is eoiidifioned upon thp nnininrs afterward reeeiviiiK the food.

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moved if the condition of the patient warrants, and if the other kidney is