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This institution, founded in 1858 by Legislature, antedates

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and find its way even down to the clavicle. The herpetic or ulcero-mem-

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in the substance of the dorsal region of the spinal cord filled with white

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electrodes ; it - improves motility and lessens the size of the organ.

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stiff, tense, painful on pressure and motion, and someAvhat swollen. The

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the disease remains latent. The single large abscess that most often

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advanced stages, however, the deleterious products in the blood, due to

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ascites has for its direct cause fatty cellular degeneration, such as is

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moscs), but the most characteristic hemorrhage is that under the periosteum

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extremities. The girdle pain is a feeling of constriction that may be

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lesion, or functional disorder of the nerves. Some such cases of

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death. It is but fair to state, however, that in view of the ease with

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the small bronchi ; later it is the direct consequence of the ulceration of

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scirrhous, encephaloid, and epithelioma, and of these the latter is the

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ing is heard, with occasional rales that have a metallic quality. A sac-

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may become evident during the secondary stage, even as early as three

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bowel or other viscera in great numbers. Unfortunately, the clinical

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recommended internally, but without any definite result.

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latter, as a rule, contains at the same time serum or pus, the terms sero-

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terstitial nephritis — affections w^hich are fully described in appropriate

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large amount of water. The quantity of water taken has no

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atrophic cirrhosis, apart from the alteration in the size of the liver.

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phrectomy, and the formation of a renal fistula. These procedures, how-

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dementia, and then closely resembles general paresis.

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blood. Cultures were made from freshly ruptured bullae from

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may originate in the esophagus, bronchi, lungs, or rarely in the thymus

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the pelvic region. In the posterior wall of the pelvis, involving

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urine, and edema, requires heart-tonics and stimulants, in conjunction

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infectious diseases (typhoid fever, measles, whooping-cough, influenza,

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less abundant flocculent sediment appears on standing.

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duction by Dr. Carl Beck, a brother of the author, who describes the

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later stages tube-casts, may be present in the urine. An increased

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undergoing indirect division of their nuclei, are frequently found.

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presents, in great part, the symptoms of an acute bronchitis of severe

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The tonsil may regain its original size in a few days after the discharge