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To test the median palmar motor supply the patient should lay

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bowel happens to lie on the surface. Owing to this fixation of a portion

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number of larval trichinae the meat contains, the more severe will be

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spine. The intestines may be so matted together that they can be removed

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do ; and this is, that the du6l of the aefophagus en-

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fat ; the curd of cow's milk is apt to decompose rather than digest in the

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or petechial haemorrhages. The liver is enlarged. Von Jaksch found the

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think of these rays merely as vibrations having wave-lengths roughly

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orangeade, weak tea, ginger ale, grape juice or water, in fact, any fluid which

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seen scattered irregularly throughout its substance (Fig. 38, d) ; but when

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it may press on the inferior vena cava and cause cedema of the feet, enlarge-

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obedient to tlie voice of his driver, and eafy to go-

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unfavourably upon the profession unless its uses and limitations are more

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tation of the heart fucceeds, and death moft probably

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always remain superficial. The liquid at the bottom of the tube is never

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subphrenic abscess, the perforating ulcer was found on the posterior

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modes of exhibiting it have been devised. Of these the most palatable

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