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ling and relation to clinical medicine. Arch. Intern. Med.

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Pasquier: "Les recherches de la France," Paris, 1621.

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not know whether Bokai, who had reserved his deliberations on this case,

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Cunningham, J. M. : " Die Cholera, was kann der Staat thun, sie zu verhiiten?" Aus

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erated hypotension These responses have usually occurred during initial titration or at the time of

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University of Minnesota cancer researcher Robert G. McKinnell, Ph.D.,

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average being 10 per cent.^’ * * Recurrence can be

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exist for several days following discontinuation. Caution

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Hemoccult cards were either brought to this office or

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The annual death-rate in France (according to Bertillon) in the es-

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Care Physician Children’s Hospitals and Clinics; Mad-

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nourishment is to be limited to barley-water or oatmeal-water, tea, and

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tion seems to have so far advanced that the variolous infection is but

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great value, is not the absolute value; if that were

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most, the utility of such procedures consists in the fact that for a short

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This theory supports those who believe in contagion as well as

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a " sore place " that had been present from 1 to 3 years, in 3 as

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As in civilian life, Air Force Reserve physicians provide critical and preventive care

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bacteria that are inimical to cholera bacilli. Further, the gastric

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severe symptoms, but from the prodromal diarrhea, a still shorter

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common than gonorrhea in private practice settings.

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pneumonitis continue to be the major causes of treat-

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Hirzel, Lausanne, 1762. — A. Gatti : " Reflexions sur les prejuges, qui s'opposent aux

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small increments. Should not be administered to patients in shock, coma, acute

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were then introduced into the study group. Of these

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with hair, teeth and bone (teratoma), but towards its uterine

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called Priessnitz poultice. If in the progress of the suppuration the

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the growth is in fact spreading slowly in this plane as well as

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possible to differentiate many various types of bacilli. Many cultural

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mittees, and other ad hoc staff committees will need