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in about an equal proportion of fatal cases and of those ending in recover3\

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occipital sections, life may be quickiy destroyed by an arrest of the respi-

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list is so extensive, the testimony with respect to particular remedies is

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and may be irregular in rhythm. The respirations which, in the first

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ent cases. In the instances just cited, it was three days. Trousseau cites

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(6, 7), Bielschowsky (8, 9, 10), and Economo (15), in so far as

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results of this operation were as follows : " Relieved, but not cured, 3.

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condensed cellular tissue, or, as I once thought, and as Majen-

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sometimes found in the ventricles and within the arachnoid cavity.

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demic influence, but the disease is comparatively trivial, and, hence, the

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rest, in the position most favorable to avoid contractions of the affected


is increased, the average being about 21 per minute.

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joints, by their occurrence directly after a gouty affection of the joints

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necessity exists for the complete emptying of the bladder, and it

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tional disuse of the fibres entering into the antero-lateral or posterior

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c) Teleosts. The presence of the nervus terminalis in bony

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tional ratios of the rods and cones on the one hand, and, on the

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tend to keep the muscles in a state of preparation for resuming their

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observed as earl}^ even as the second day. The glands nearest the caecum

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indentation along their medial side is all that indicates a division

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opening now appeared considerably enlarged. By dressing it

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of operation, is to be preferred to any other cathartic. Three or four

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extravasation take place within or extend into the cortical portion, and it

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profundus ganghon a typical ramus ophthalmicus profundus

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by Nouveau Diet, de Med et de Chirurg. Pratique, tome v. (Bronzee

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arteries. In those cases in which it has coagulated, it liquifies en-

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The velum pendulum palati, on the side of the paral3^zed limbs, is some-

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thus endanger a far greater evil than povert3^ On the other hand, the

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spot, and then having forced the urine into the urethra, dis-

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1. The presence of an access, or forming stage, of greater or less dura-

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gotten that asthenia enters into the mode of dying in cases of meningitis

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As one of the neuroses, this aflection, of course, has no anatomical

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islets or patches. Redness extends beyond the margins of the exudation,

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Fricke has had recourse to compression after the following manner :

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ture at evening and morning, the maximum being in the evening, the

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should permanently exist in the healthy heart, for there is in no