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ing their natural mucus, and irritating their nervous lining, upon which

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The post-mortem appearances have a close resemblance to those of enterica

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perfectly helpless. There is a danger of the paralysis extending to the

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den expectoration of a large quantity of puriform 6uid ; when it bursts

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years old, who had been fed on tuberculous milk, died of acute miUary

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initial dose need be given. As a prophylactic 600 units will suffice. The

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the lids, the surface of which whs slightly inflamed. An efflorescence

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3 per cent H.2O2 or pyrozone, then follow up with a drop or two of pure

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every seventh copv ^rotM.— Orders from a distance must be acoompntiied by payment ia adT«BC«s «r

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covering the molars, so as to raise the bite, and compressed hickory

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There maybe slight tremor of the hands, and the skin becomes moist and flushed.

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Upon a more accurate examination I found there was an immense in-

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The poisonous agent in cheese has been variously described as

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such patients really suffered from laryngismus stridulus, which gives rise

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The intestines are more acted upon by those movements which accelerate

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some weeks subsequent. About the latter part of the following May,

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den manner might, even without pain, lead to the suspicion of perfora-

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Occasionally appearances are met with which support this explanation,

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the shoulder and elbow, was at length completely removed, and that too

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scanty clothing, to bad air, to an unwholesome and insufficient diet ; but

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and shortening of the numerous veins that, pass the joint take place. Each time

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practical knowledge of its qualities, as well as every patient who has worn it.

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a short time ; being an inmate of the Alms- bouse, he was able to resoit

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salt of barium, and then placing it in the flame of a Bunsen burner,'a green

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by fibrous tissue. The symptoms are often obscure, especially if the

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palpable fallacy in appearances, and the physician can assure himself of

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united twins the union chiefly involves the pelvic ends of the foetuses.

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