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to the important (piestion of how to liest treat the convalescent sub-
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scription of the ameba {infra) that the hemoglobin of the blood is con-
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filtered through earth. They had not the least idea then what
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which will be referred to below, increases the rapidity of the circula-
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place in the middle ear and the membrane being perforated. This may
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ment on the other. The hot and cold water supply is by the usual
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takes the form of a true melancholia. After the conclusion of typhoid,
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prevent furuncles by furthering asepsis. Two sets of compresses are
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gradual manner in which the lesions develop ; and second, the pro-
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readily applied when the body is not submerged. Hence the mechan-
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be eaten with safety in the tropics in great quantities by sick
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(tremors, subsultus tendinum, etc.), and carphologia (picking at the bed-
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We find, for instance, in every disease, that there is always
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institution treatment; nevertheless, they demand a careful adjustment
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The chief enemies to the chestnut are the larvae of the
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is the long and the short of it. A fresh prune is a plum of a
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hyperpyrexia, and upon the necessity of meeting this lethal symptom
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This ingenious theory has made quite an impression. The
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don: W. B. Saunders Company, 1918. Cloth, $2.50 net.
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milk, have been reported. The occurrence of numerous cases among
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often associated with marked diarrhea. The claim has "been made that
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FiG. 17.— Lobar pneumonia: 1, unaffected area (upper lobe) ; 2, consolidated area (middle lobe);
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to stand from fifteen minutes to half an hour, and then emptied into a pit
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shell them. In Europe they are cheap, selling for about one
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ing the floor by careful mopping with cloths or with a sponge from
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Crisis in croupous pneumonia is signalized by complete cessation of
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The reports of Vogl are altogether a most remarkable therapeutic
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and by similar methods. I desire to protest earnestly against this
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ally. After a few weeks the patient began to improve, and
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cool sea water of high degree of salinity and a considerable percentage
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liver, throat, and mouth, will be a natural and convenient order in Avhich
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phate, given three or four times a day for the treatment of this
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peutic effect of hip baths. The individual was placed into an empty
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the post-mortem examination hemorrhagic extravasations and pustules
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In matters of diet, we spoke of studying the individual in
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at his lectures, and was in every way more than friend to the
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be taken into account. The salts, such as lime and magnesia,
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years ; suffering first from fainting-fits at the menstrual period, afterward from
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withdrawal symptoms from voltaren
taneous surface, although its initial action is that of a cold procedure.
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•circulation, respiration, digestion, tissue formation, and excretion,
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it very expensive and not free from other objections. My