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Before 1912 the post-mortems were performed at the City Hospitals

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17 and 16 months at the time of their inoculation, and both, like cow

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Description of the Specimen (Surgical Path., No. 8679); Gross.— The

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show different shades of breeding, due to the numerous sources of

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position that whatever differences there may be between them are

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TIh' rlsioil ,,i't<r is ]i,rn\<;] ill Hi il'Hal 1..1..'. It is inii...i'taiil I., n-

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fully passed the tuberculin test. Whenever additional animals were

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nose or throat to account for the condition. The mass in the neck began

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ease. It is evidenced by the usual signs and symptoms, which may be

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was not Hodgkin’s disease. I wonder if there is any

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not have the courage to tell the patient that this is

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normal; (6) no serious infections manifest; (7) the

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.■.•irliMliy,!!;,),. i> Mivrii 1,, ,, st;n-viii- .-iiiiMi;! I, ( li (lie nuTirv .mtimt v.t\

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to carry on the ordinary animal fum-tions. In short, "it suhscrves the lower

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pass upon all questions pertaining to the fitness of meat products for human food. Doctor

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bacon is to be exported shall require inspection thereof relating to the importation

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Th.. foliouini: tahle ,.f ex|)eiini,.nls l.y Tayh.r an,l Rose*' n.av s,.,v,.

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an abrasicm <^ the skin radiating from the left comer of the mouth. No

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were made before the proper conditions were found, and 46 hearts were

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Carlson, Emeritus F’rofessor Physiology, Medical School,

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quarter century of a clearer conception of the wear

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return of his younger partners from the armed serv-

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asked that Councilors assist the Committee on Publica-

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the vomiting and diarrhoea subside, so that within 12 hours after

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through the action of the protective agencies of the body of the

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Hydrolysis. — ^The method of hydrolysis used by Levene and Meyer **

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cillin in oil daily from April 19 to May 6. On April 26

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Wo imiy nmilu'li' fmiii tliH llml tin- ili'iilili' ImkiiKi' in tlio oloii; lui'l <>f tho depot tat

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and gradually disappears a short distance distal from the tip of the

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tary control, as hy the clioi if clothinu' and the artilicial heating of the

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period was 14,703 for the two records combined, and for the later

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