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after the operation of subcutaneous injection, it must be inferred
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thus — "Dr. Jackson states that white persons, born and residing in the more
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^ It is hardly necessary to mention that Dr. Mooren would not himself perform
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looked for in those women who by force or choice are relieved
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change, and that we have here an excessive formation of con-
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with dilatation of the ventricle, and like it was short.
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rhoea, in two new algoid vegetations. His microscopic studies connected
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transpired during the progress of the disease, and even for some days prior
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prospect of success,^' Mr. Bryant would hold his hand. The
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The publication under this title contains 161 octavo pages, most of which
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advanced by its deposits, during that period, two and a half miles into the
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increases, and often also appears in the opposite iliac fossa, the
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meters. Blood-pressure readings are, therefore, ex-
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and of anaesthesia, when it exists, being greater on the most convulsed side.
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Dr. Stokes, in reviewing this paper, expresses his belief that all the symp-
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in a population of upwards of a million and a half, like that of the metropolis,
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the treatment we should give our own loved ones in the
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pectoris ; asthma ; hooping-cough, and hydrophobia.
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examiner may be required to distinguish between the real and spurious marks.
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fied theories. We can scarcely hope that the ophthalmoscope
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even an illegitimate Jukes would not attain to an even
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infection, worry, tobacco, lead, and other things which
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and readable in describing the characteristic features of insa-
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But, being purposely left without treatment, the disease returned,
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tween the long-forgotten impleasant experience — ^which
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of the mucous membrane of the alimentary canal; and intestinal hemorrhage,
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new lymph was followed by more secondary inflammation, and more constitu-
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School, something like 90 per cent, of adults harbor this
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the hemorrhage depends, or tubercles, we must take suflicient only to relieve
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parovarium,! or Bosenmidler's body; "MuUer's duct in the
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of light from any object to fall on identical spots on the retina, even when the
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ease, but since these are usually part-time workers and
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punctated, dull red. The former was as thick as a farthing, and adhe-
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quinia, twenty grains. No paroxysm. Seventh day, returned for duty.
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a case of congenital polypus. For this, as for a very large number of the cases
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''wet'' and ansemic; otherwise it was natural. The large vessels
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contractiDg segments of the uterus, is pushed down, aud expelled
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oculist the most hopeless of all diseases. Consecutive atrophy
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