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the Public Health Acts, and who may shelter themselves by
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clined again to 19 6 during the week under notice. The rates in the
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lation had only been 3.3 per cent. But it must be kept in
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granules, not normally present in the circulating blood of
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1" Thoth (or more correctly Tahuti) was the god of letters, and the in-
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moved, they should be taken in hand early, before any adhe-
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in slightly alkaline water. This solution is acid, and neither
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ana-sthetic, by which I mean death due to the action of the
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ment of the position of Poor-law medical officers. Bills deal-
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I at first tried to return the arm and perform version, but
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A. W. Harris, Southampton; Mr. H. Horen, London. (I) In<iuirer ;
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assisted in some cases by the careful use of rat trap or ovum
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of proteose is usually obtainable : but this is doubtless, as I have already
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Priestley could state : (a) whether all those who had been
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medical man generally, is unfortunate. Should another term be
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lutely unprovided with any hospital accommodation whatever.
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Diagram 6.— Air Lock of Forth Bridge : transverse section.
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With the under-noted exceptions, the natural enemies of
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patients to herd together " is a proper one for investigation,
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experience only. In both instances the contrast as to range
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WOESLEY, R. Carmichael, M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P.Lond., appointed Medical
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numbers reminiscences dating back to IPol. He recalls the
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defendants had not given notice of appeal against the de-
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Dr. P. M. Braidwood, London ; E. C. Baber, M.B., Brighton ; Mr. H. T.
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publicly discussed, it would probably be to the great benefit
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terial loss of blood, but deatii was apparently imminent from