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indications for strophanthus are identical with those for

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alkaloid prevents the development of acidity in blood outside


in others there was much moaning." Stiffness of the muscles of the

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no other way. Such is especially the fact where the head is the

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interference. Of course the patient must be placed under favorable

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m. 10-15 (cc. .6-1.). Sw., m. 2-5 (cc. .12-.3). D.,in. 1-3 (cc. .06-.2)k

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violent convulsions produced by the instillation of a few

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used in this case, owing to the fact that I had not a sufficient quan-

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tion will usually endanger the life of the mother or foetus,

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Made by maceration and percolation of veratrum viride, 100 ; and

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the population, while among the former they were only as one to 87.54 !

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on pressure at the ejiiirastrium a very sensitive spot was detected,

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Synonym. — Drop chalk, E.; craie preparee, Fr.; prapa-

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ternal maxillary artery, Avas, on entrance, fully exposed, and its pul-

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The Commission is prepared also to furnish more specific informa-

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ciency was obsei'ved in the bone, where necrosis had taken place to a

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land of Cape Breton. The first cases appeared at Louisburi?, the

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hydrate de phenyle, Fr.; carbolsaure, phenylsaure, phenyl

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distended with fluid mixed with a purulent-looking substance. On

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It occurred to him that the real of trouble is in the adjusting

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with four parts of zinc oxide forms a soothing, protective

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him ; and referred to the solubility of such tumors in alcohol.

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Following the report of the director are the reports of his subordi-

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a towel, or a straw cuff may be utilized. The cone should

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wards and downwards, and was found lodged under the skin between

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Merck sells three substances derived from squill : (1) Scil-

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