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2. McPhayden BV Jr and Dudrick SJ: Management of gastro-

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I saw the patient again, thirteen weeks after the accident,

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somewhat different appearance from the rest of the parenchyma,

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radiological feature is the narrowing of the disc spaces in

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because the murmurs lasted so long. This persistence, together

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14, i8%3.=*Proccedings of the Sanitary Council of the

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what occurs when an animal is bled to death, or when the ves-

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in colour ; the former is of a florid red like the surface of the

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3. Bryan FL: Status of food-borne disease in the United States,

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his article has been selected for a specific issue of JMSNJ. A

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Director of Crossroads Health Plan, the Essex County HMO/IPA.

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national agency for research in cancer (1971 to 1977). Cancer Res

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Another factor is the nature of the physician’s practice.

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drug has not been proved therapeutically valid for the treatment

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New Jersey Delegation to their national House of Delegates.

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quiring tenacity by cold and rest, causes coagulation ; and then

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tional Medical Association of New Jersey. He may be addressed at

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*To detect bacilli is a very simple matter, although

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of alcoholism in hospital service corporation contracts.

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sites, and may the host reasonably hope to outlive his guests ?

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of Medicaid patients in their practice to no longer bill Medi-

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' This description has already been printed in the Philosophical Transactions, vol.

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The drug was found to be quite useless in cancer and in round-

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that they are particles of oil ; but Senac* described them as formed of

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its bitter taste practically disappears, but the brownish colour still

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By Mr. William Hewson, Reader of Anatomy. Communicated by Dr. Hunter ;

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