Veterinary Clindamycin

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mental condition closely simulating idiocy. In this state the patient may
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haemoglobin is from 5 to 25 per cent, and in the erythrocytes from 100,000 to
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This deficiency is, in turn, dependent upon the failure of cell differentiation
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disease is absent and the general health remains good, it
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The left side is more frequently aft'ected than the right, and where both sides
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No physician was called, as the child apparently was not ill; the rash was
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in number, and located peripherally. The evidence obtained from a study
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tense i^ith perhaps a few subcapsular hemorrhages, and reddish-brown in
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fifth, stain in an aqueous methyl orange solution one minute; wash and dry.
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In such fatal cases, at autopsy the intestinal lesions are usually not far
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Comparing these two studies we see that moderate over-
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Bitting, Saddles and Saddling, Stable Drainage, Driv-
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about 12 per cent. Dividing the risks into build groups ac-
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