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neck at the inner border of the sterno-cleido-mastoid
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as possible, the vagina, and not to puncture through
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that it has a most beneficial influence on mind and
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especial cases of doubt or dilficulty, and more par-
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sixty years of age, and of feeble constitution, was
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in the profession a general feeling that the indiscri-
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own, and the soiu-ces of governmental returns, even
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Dr. James Johnson relates that H.M.S. Russell, 74-,
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culiar position of the head of the animal, if closely
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mixture, partial or entire, might bo expected at the
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Bouillaud (1840) now established more accurately the causative
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removed to Church Stretton, in Shropshire, where he
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leader (on the 5th instant), says : " It is satisfactory
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viscid foetid mucus covers the membranous sui-face.
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impression on the sensorium, as indicated by the pe-
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should be advocated by the Association for Securing
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long-continued or excessive use niay over-stimulate the heart and even
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Paris — \nz., that it was immoral. Mr. De Meric also
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have the necessary patience, and wiU collect the scat-
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are found in a state of inflammation. Thej' show distinctly the
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entrance of air, and Bodenheimer a case in which the pericardium
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General's office is not allowed to take up any ques-
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fi-om the second. AU the inmates of this house were
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the resemblance between the two things is so striking
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fined. 'Ihe exceptions are women of feeble constitu-
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of collapse call for stimulation by alcohol and especially for the sub-
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may develop at the same time with the myocarditis. This is espe-
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_ In priv.ate consulting practice, my experience was
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he has come to, with regard to any medical question.
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Our pages record the fact, that the Branches of the
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paralysis is generally of motion more than of sensa-
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to the presence or absence of lesion of the valves. Digitalis exercises
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result was necessarily increased mortality, notwith-
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question. What can be more telling of his insanity,
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and for a regular supply of pure water to the whole
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demy of Sciences, M. Costa, the secret.ary, mentioned
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