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inoculation, and the general condition of the inoculated individual
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duration in its influence, and to many is very disagree-
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that a Medicare Exclusion Rider program will still be
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sera, {d) 50 % absolute alcohol, (e) Miiller's ^fluid. The speci-
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1 -800-362-1 1 08 or 263-01 1 6 (Wichita) — Kansas Chapter, Arthritis Foundation 268-5980 — St.
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The injections failed to produce any improvement in the
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will have a lesion in the colon that could have been
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antiemetic (letter). Clin. Psychiat. News Leb. 1981, p. 6.
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on recommended doses, abrupt discontinuation should
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liver 1, ear 1, posterior mediastinum 1, ribs 2 (in one from the
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with cells, and which are separated by ordinary connective
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denervation of the supratrigonal portion of the blad-
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15. Richardson, J. V.; Zenk, B. A. and Ross, N. P.: Preop-
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disappears, the cyanosis vanishes, and the urinary secretion returns.
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and released. Collagenase, shown to exist in a latent
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alternative to central venous hyperalimentation. Ann. Intern.
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mens in serum were kept at the room temperature for forty-
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lem, and other factors may cloud what appears to be
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only suspect that the so-called "wandering pneumonias" are instances
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Drug Interactions: MAO inhibitors. Alcohol or CNS depressants, especially
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to 1870 (naturally, only with reference to percentages), we find that the
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this disease. In this case our anesthetic technique
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Since the possibility of the transmission of s}-philis has been
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stricture and insertion of Gibbons ureteral stents. Urology
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tussis epidemia, cephalalgia contagiosa. Germani nominabant den Ziep,
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Pharmacol Ther /9:576-583, May 1976. 7. Kales A, Kales
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interest during the past decade. Perhaps this is be-
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In the section dealing with the histology of cases where the
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prone to extend rapidly over the surface. The disease is due to the
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was separation of the gas filled loops of bowel pres-
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of the cutis, are separated by the exudation, so that the skin as a
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— " De la transfusion intra-veineuse," Ebd., Nr. 41.
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place exactly at the time when absorption from the intestine has ceased
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silence ; where high febrile temperature exists, and with it a restless