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lent relationships and those who did not. The two groups
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or Y, should first be removed. And, lastly, Ferran and the other believers
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cation in de Baillou's epidemic of 1578 can be understood only on the
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what is delivered to doctors but also lower the barriers
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develop at their proper time, mature, suppurate, dry up, cicatrize —
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with the prognosis of each separate case (or -with the individual charac-
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selves over the smallest nosologic facts and theories that if we judged
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numbers of cases of elder and child abuse. Therefore,
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— The cost of health care and proposals for a one-
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newsgroups have been known to self-medicate or pressure their
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is called catarrhal on account of the similarity of its course to an ordi-
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into Mohammedan countries from Europe, and at first seemed to
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Author Responsibility: the author is responsible for all statments made
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day these papules become sm-mounted by vesicles, situated centrally
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malities in more than one frog species, and certain
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lungs were many nodules, typically chorionepitheliomatous.
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revaccination after five years, when the last vaccination showed
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of soap, carbolic acid, and boiled water. A moderate number of
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not specially differentiate inoculated variola from a mild attack of
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systemic fungal infections, antimicrobial treatment of
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institution, three patients with severe aplastic ane-
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Address reprint requests to Dr. Shapiro, UKSM-KC, 39th &
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nostic and Therapeutic Concepts; Princeton Junction, NJ, Com-
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round-worm, is repeated in analogous or slightly modified ways, in a
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Leaves charged -\- ; substance placed direct on lead base
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antibodies are seen more frequently in a severe than
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liquid remains slightly cloudy, due probably to bacilli still in motion, and
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occasion for general intervention — for society, the