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cancer age-incidence curve in Iceland. Int. J. Cancer 13:689-

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valium and low blood pressure

* Archiv fiir Dermatologie und Syphilis, a. a. O. S. 353.

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s. w., Bd. XXXVIII ; also: " Jahrbiicher des arztlichen Vereines in Miinchen," 1841,

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remission. If the network theory of autoimmunity in

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therefore, as was to be expected, the number of the attacked increases

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13. Davidson, J.: Diabetic diets. Postgrad. Med. 59:114,

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Moderator: Frederick Wolfe, M.D., Symposium Chairman

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those cantons which had formerly enjoyed rigid vaccination regulations.

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Index,” “Index Medicus.” Available through University Microfilms. Listed in