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radiation therapy: its role in the treatment of early breast cancer 247
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study. In some countries the incidence is much high-
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References: 1. Kales A et al: J Clin Pharmacol 17:207-
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petechia? and ecchymoses on the face and neck, especially hematoma
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microchip. Therefore, every technological device found in every medical office must be
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In the 278 cases in which these details are available, co-
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The Raphael Center Hospital is a new, private, comprehensive, psychiatric
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and fifteen days. In all cases convalescence occurred without suppu-
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Laurent, O. : " Du developpement et de I'exagg^ration des nevroses reflexes par le
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tionships, love, and desire to live. Near death, one
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indexing the basic coverage as needed, including the
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Renal — renal tubular acidosis, nephrogenic diabetes in-
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allopurinol in hospitalised patients. Ann Rheum Dis 40:245-249, 1981.
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the upper respiratory tract downward, even to the lung itself, but that
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tubular spaces lined by epithelial cells resembling carcinoma,
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CONTRAINDICATIDNS: Known hypersensitivity reaction to PROCARDIA.
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not to produce another one but to attempt a degree of
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However, the bilateral nature in five of our cases and
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culty increased and there were violent pains in the left side of the neck.
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A revaccination with negative result has rio absolute prophylactic
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been reported from spring and summer than from winter epidemics.
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functional genes. If humans choose to perpetuate one
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States.’ There is now evidence that cancer of the
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506- 02 Faculty of Medicine Airlangga Airlangga University, Surabaya
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commenced late, the diarrhea continues or even becomes worse. The
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the keeping of records, compulsory vaccination during the existence
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broad clinical range, Valium has an efficacy/safety
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