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thing noxious to an idiosyncratic indi^ddual ; which might, therefore,
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tives, recommended most highly muscus pyxidatus as a cure for whooping-
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case. Therefore for this disease, as well as those others that behave
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state and county efforts related to hospital medical
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thought is at once awakened that ordinary cow-pox is nothing but an
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more proper, the beginning of the disease be reckoned not from the
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Farha, M.D.; Ronald L. Stephens, M.D.; Lawrence L. Tretbar, M.D.;
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St. Petersburg, and was spreading gradually westward.
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eosinophiles have all been noted in bladder biopsies.
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marrow transplantation: A report on 49 new cases from Seattle.
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course of the disease, the absence of infection, the
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in teaching, administration, and research. He is an
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tion with the contents of the vesicles of vaccinia, or cow-pox. Vac-
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records. Hospitals will file birth records, and death
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With regard to these factors in connection with cancer at
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Controlled studies in small numbers of patients suggest concomitant use ot PROCARDIA and
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PROCARDIA alone, with low doses ol fentanyl. in other surgical procedures, or with other narcotic
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diagnosis of smallpox are certain local signs which frequently appear in