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vidual is at all susceptible, the vaccine material will be taken up almost
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6. Fitzpatrick, P. J.; Jamieson, D. M.; Thompson, G. A. and
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family to continue the regimen after the child returns
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urgent necessity. In no less decided terms must surgeons be warned
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professionals who pursue a career in academic medi-
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cent (30/50) and a ten year survival rate of 38 per
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495-23 Medical College Baroda University, Baroda, Gujarat
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not affected with Bostock's catarrh, true hay-fever; or that, tired of the
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attacked with vomiting and fever, eight days before admission, and was
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ble system for the delivery of optimum patient care
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when in the attack, instead of a sudden hissing inspiration a complete
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Against a confusion of variola with impetigo, acne, pustular syphi-
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patient had had “BKA [ below-knee amputation] times
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myelinated fibers are very effective in producing an
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tion of a scientific session on the “Health and Care
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inches) beyond the erysipelatous border. As the disease had advanced
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period of inoculation was of longer tluration than the first wild craze;
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ings and conclusions, but this can be as appetizing
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but it is more likely that they lodge, like other dust, in the nostrils
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With a few, especially the older writers, the real question lay deeper.
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cina?, known b}' the name of the Cow-pox (London, 1798)."
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completion of the evidence, which should never be omitted, has in all
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present, neither question can be answered. Research underway will ultimately
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answering in the affirmative, as if the predisposition to the disease was
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animal is threatened, teased, or startled. In addition,
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a quality family life focusing on traditional values.
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not unexpected. Procainamide is similar to quinidine
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tents which are found in the well-developed vesicles of vaccinia; by
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typed double spaced on a separate sheet of paper, limited
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organism is far more delicate than that of men; ... it