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there was, he averred, a peculiar virtue. After the lapse of five

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period of three to four hours to avoid possible car-

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both bovine and humanized vaccinia as an independent form of pox,

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gests that this be construed as a variable similar to

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who have not been previously infected with it. I am indeed uncertain

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the diseases which recover spontaneously/' there is good reason for

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content reviewed, updated, or removed. Technological

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Although the conditions which influence the indi^'idual case are not

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against such efforts, since otherwise such cases are surely lost.

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transcutaneous nerve stimulation: efficacy of clinical applications 18

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that one disease did not protect from the other ; on the contrary, favored

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revaccinated, because the latter are bracketed with the non-revaccinated.

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Emergency Care, Inc., Chase Stone Center. #1070, Colorado Springs

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until in from one to two weeks, depending on the temperature, the entire

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great influence is in many instances exercised by the active measures

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in Bloomington, Burnsville, Edina, and Lakeville. Contact

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of the receptors influences the state of resistance.

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H.: Cancer of the esophagus. /Icto C/?/>. Scand. 144:277, 1978.

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unprejudiced study of the epidemics. The transition of other dis-

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possible folate deficiency, severe allergy or bronchial asthma. In patients with glucose-6-

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bluish-red colour with other smaller masses in the lung. All

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the same person is extremely rare; much rarer, for instance, than a

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taught early to cherish — common sense and a sense

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the serum calcium level had risen to 18.9 mg/dl. At

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months, the resident is eligible for board certification in

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2. American Cancer Society, Facts and Figures, 1982.