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any patient who has demonstrated some form of allergy, particularly

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6. Regressive changes, due to inflammation excited by the

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lupus or mahgnant disease were occasionally improved or completely

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1:4. Gundersen Clinic offers competitive salaries and

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90. Fessler: " Klinisch-experimentelle Studien iiber chirurgische Infectionskrank-

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ers, and the pertinent qualifications of candidates for

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perhaps, if the response warranted, the establishment of a continuing section in the Journal.

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vaccination, we understand the renewal of the vaccination (with

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have been written by fourth year medical students at the Uni-

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Address reprint requests to Dr. Festoff, Neurology Service

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pecially interesting "productive" period per 1000 was:

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from recurrent infarcts occurs more frequently in SC

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overgown. Yet it is to be remembered that often the so-called naugh-

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ban LP group seeking part/full-time LPs who like doing OB

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cases the period of incubation lasted fifteen, twenty-three, thirty, and

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whence the air forced its way along the great vessels to the neck, face,

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In the symptomatology we will consider first the frank, outspoken

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Adverse Reactions: Side effects most commonly reported were,

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confidentiality technology that is to be sent out of the

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be avoided with gradual tapering of dosage for those

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scope was sufficiently long to touch the wire carrying the gold

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importance, it is consequently the duty of the ^■accine physician to

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hour postprandial value of 245 mg/ 1 00 ml . Although

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/diz-ez/ 1. Chronic dependency upon alcohol; impairing

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tegrity. They, likewise, concluded that an incompe-

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Sections of primary tumours of the tongue have been

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or simply Hunner’s ulcer. It is the hallmark of the